Rihanna Gets Wet For Esquire UK Shoot

 photo rihanna-esquk-1_zpsff5418c5.jpg

Rihanna certainly is a bad gal.

Just days after finally returning to Instagram, Rihanna has blessed us with the photo spread from the December issue of Esquire UK. The racy shoot, captured by photographer Ellen von Unwerth takes place in a bathroom where we get to see RiRi get wet, wild and crazy, because it looks like there was a little bit of nipple showing.

Within the pages of her interview, Rihanna shares her favorite rum punch recipe  and her Shepard’s pie with an island twist. I have a feeling that nobody’s really reading the interview though. Check out the rest of the pics below.

 photo rihanna-esquk-5_zps4e202101.jpg

 photo rihanna-esquk-2_zps9679b7f1.jpg

 photo rihanna-esquk-7_zps9e037670.jpg

 photo rihanna-esquk-3_zps7b1e523e.jpg

 photo rihanna-esquk-6_zps367ea4fd.jpg

 photo rihanna-esquk-4_zpsd5e87df7.jpg

 photo rihanna-esquk-8_zpse22adb84.jpg


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