K. Michelle Fuels the Rumors About Idris Elba With ‘Maybe I Should Call’ Video


K. Michelle has been on a roll with her videos lately and this time is no exception. Reportedly hinting at a relationship with a British actor, Kimberly is giving us mini-movie realness with the release of her video for “Maybe I Should Call.”

The video shows K. Michelle looking into the life of her ex-boyfriend as he moved on to a new love. He has a new lady and a baby and they appear to be very happy. K. is in the shadows watching everything as her sorrow grows. She’s at the table watching them have dinner and even in the room while the couple is having sex.



At the end of the clip, K. Michelle wakes up from her dream and reaches for her phone, proceeding to dial a +044 country code– the very code you use to call the U.K.


While Idris hasn’t addressed the rumors in any way, K. discussed being a side chick with Necole Bitchie in an interview.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!


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