Off the Market: Usher and Longtime Girlfriend Grace Miguel Are Engaged


Congratulations are in order for Usher and his bride-to-be.

Word on the street is that Mr. “Good Kisser” and his lady/manager, Grace Miguel are ready to tie the knot. While Usher hasn’t made an official announcement, Grace has been spotted with a mega rock on her left hand.



He’s also been gushing about how amazing she is.

“I have an incredible partner and manager. She has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and my career,” he said in an interview with Billboard. “She’s someone who has been able to support and understand all of who I am. Not just as a dancer or as a performer or as a singer, but as a humanitarian and a businessman and as a person.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Watch The 2015 Ball Drop in Times Square Online for Free

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Want to ring in 2015 from your living room but feel like you’re at NYC’s biggest New Year’s Eve party? The internet makes that possible. The webcast goes live at 11 AM and the party starts at 6 PM as we count down to the start of a new year.

Happy New Year from Urban Grace!

3 New Years Eve Makeup Tutorials You Need To See


New Year’s Eve is upon us and we know that you’re trying to look good for all the parties, so we found some of our favorite brown girl YouTubers  with gorgeous looks sure to impress whether your looking to attract that first kiss of the new year or if you’re just trying to party with your besties.




Will you be trying out any of these looks? Let us know in the comments section!

#blacklivesmatter: 18-Year-Old Alabama Woman Dies In Police Custody, Family Looks For Answers

sheneque proctor

The death of a young Alabama woman is raising some eyebrows and sparking controversy over who is responsible. City officials are mum on details, but the case has attracted the attention of the NAACP.

Sheneque Proctor, 18, was at the Bessemer Hotel with friends on November 1, where she was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The next day, she was found dead in her cell. Tracy Rodda, Proctor’s aunt reported that her niece had asthma issues, and that officers had been rough with her. She called her mother for the $235 of bail money, but was unable to receive help.

After receiving news of her death, Proctor’s mother, Scherita Proctor, Rodda and other family members , along with NAACP Alabama State Conference president, Brian Simelton went to collect her things  and hopefully, get more information. However, upon arriving, they were greeting with nothing. No one was talking. The mayor was unavailable. Sheneque’s mother has decided that she’d rather wait for a death certificate over speculating on the death of her daughter, who left behind a 5-month-old son.

According to Bessemer City Attorney, Shan Poden

“I know the case. I know we had a death in the jail. Erring on a conservative side, not to protect the city but to protect the rights of an 18-year-old, the city of Bessemer will not disclose any information.”

The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into the death.

There is a petition demanding answers for Sheneque’s death. Almost two months later, there has been no official notice of cause of death. Written on, campaign organizer, Karen Jones wrote:

“The death of Black Men like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice is a clear indication that Black Lives are in jeopardy from Police who have declared it open season on Black Men.  Insult over injury no indictment and a video which clearly shows officers using a choke hold on Eric Garner who loudly and clearly stated that he could NOT breathe was not enough to save his life.  Yet in Alabama where most of the historical landmark Civil Right Movements and cases we have lost an 18 year old Black young woman under the hands of Bessemer Police. […]

This family deserves some answers we don’t need another “I can’t breathe” story.  Her life mattered and still matters to her family.  They deserve answers from the State Bureau of Investigations and the FBI.”

The fact is that no one deserves to be denied medical attention, even while in police custody. Why, if Sheneque was complaining of breathing problems, was she left unattended? There has to be a reason that no one was available to assist the family or even attempt to answer their questions.

Sign the petition and help secure justice for this family.



Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz Welcome Baby Boy



“The joy of joy is joy!! It’s a boy,” Alicia Keys, 33, husband, Swiss Beatz, 36, wrote of their new bundle.“We are so grateful!! #blessings!!”

Alicia made her holiday announcement on Instagram Sunday evening. Baby boy, Genisis Ali Reed joined big brother, Egypt on December 27 at 1:52 AM.

The couple announced their pregnancy in July with a sweet post commemorating their 4th wedding anniversary.


California High School Bans ‘I Can’t Breathe’ T-Shirts From Basketball Tournament


A Bay Area high school has decided that t-shirts are a safety concern. Not all t-shirts, just those in support of Eric Garner.

Both the girls and boys basketball teams at Mendocino High School received information banning the shirts emblazoned with what has become the battle cry of protesters against the killings of unarmed black men around the country. The students wore them in support of Eric Garner, the Staten Island man killed by Daniel Pantaleo with an illegal chokehold. His last words were “I can’t breathe.”

If they didn’t comply, they would be disinvited from the competition.

According to TheGrio, the teams started wearing the t-shirts during warm-ups before games with administrators blind to what the shirts stood for. Girls coach, Caedyn Feehan thought it was an inside joke.

“I didn’t even know what it meant. I thought it was a joke about how I had conditioned them so hard,” Feehan said. “None of the administrators knew what it was or that any of them were doing it in advance. This was entirely for their cause that they had strong feelings about.”

Nope. Not a joke, at all.

The boys team was reinstated after all but one student agreed to the conditions while the girls didn’t get enough agreements for a full team.

One player’s father has taken the issue to the American Civil Liberties Union, calling it a constitutional issue of freedom of speech.

“To protect the safety and well-being of all tournament participants it is necessary to ensure that all political statements and or protests are kept away from this tournament,” Rebecca Walker, principal at Fort Bragg stated, who said she was speaking on behalf of the athletic director and the Fort Bragg school superintendent. “We are a small school district that simply does not have the resources to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, students and guests at the tournament should someone get upset and choose to act out.”

Kudos to these kids for taking a stand.

Our Favorite Celebrity Christmas Cards

Christmas may have passed, but the holidays are still in full effect. As such, the memories of the Christmas card remain for a lifetime. So we rounded up some of our favorites. Check them out.

Above, Lil Kim took the glam route in gold and black.

Gabrielle Union and hubby D. Wade go all Susie Homemaker for their family card this year.

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert get awkward in their ‘Step Brothers”-inspired card.

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Sending LOVE to everyone in 2015. ❤️❤️

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Grant Hill, wife Tamia and their daughters Lael and Myla are offering the light of love.

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Happy Holidays! 🎁🎅🎄

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Toya Wright and her crew are a smiling vision of Christmas spirit.

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Gotta love when Outkast keeps it real simple in some santa hats.

Which ones are your favorite?