Keyshia Cole could face 30 days in Jail for DUI?

Steve Granitz
Keyshia Cole might face 30 days in jail for an old DUI conviction due to non-compliance of her alcohol drivers-ed class.
After a September fight Keyshia got into with another woman at Birdman condo, the authorities did a warrant check. That is when police found out a warrant was issued and still is open. The authorities had no intentions of coming there for the warrant to begin with, just to come for the assault call.
Keyshia and her lawyer appeared in Los Angeles County Court this week to explain her side of the story. Her lawyer told the judge that she did complete the class she just did not have proof.Back in 2002, Keyshia was hit with the DUI and as a part of her sentence given mandatory drivers classes. Well looks like the judge never got a formal completion from Cole and issued a warrant in 2004.

Now Keyshia may be able to have the jail charges dropped if she can provide proof that she completed the class. Do you think she will come up with the paperwork?Plus, why is Keyshia always in the Hot seat?


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