Mourning A Beauty Mogul: Titi Branch


The death of Titi Branch sent shockwaves throughout the natural hair community, and more largely the black community. It left many puzzled as to why a hair maven would pass away at only 45, and in the manner in which she did. According to NV Magazine, she died of an apparent suicide, which has yet to be confirmed.

But for those who aren’t familiar with Titi Branch, she may be closer than you think.
If you have any “Miss Jessie’s” labeled products in your medicine cabinet, she’s the brains behind the brand you bought. Her sister and co-founder, Miko Branch, created the natural hair care line after opening a beauty salon specifically for curly tresses in Brooklyn, circa 1997.

After their launch, Miss Jessie’s success went full throttle. Some of their most popular products are the Baby Buttercreme® and Curly Buttercreme® products(the Baby Buttercreme is a personal favorite of mine).
Miss Jessie’s is a highly regarded brand, along the lines of Carol’s Daughter, Mixed Chicks, and more recently Shea Moisture.These businesses opened a floodgate for many other entrepreneurs to launch an array of beauty products for black women.One thing for sure, Miss Jessie’s as an entity alone leaves a legacy for many to continue to follow.

Rest in Peace, Titi Branch.

Here’s a few reactions from the natural hair community:

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From NHDC co-founder @drskdenham: My heart goes out to the family of Titi Branch (whom I did not personally know), the cofounder of @Miss_Jessies. Their loss is a profound one and we cannot begin to put ourselves in their shoes. The specific reasons for her decision to end her life are not known or confirmed at the time of my writing. But people commit suicide for one reason and one reason only: when they are hopeless that there is another alternative. And more and more of our sisters are getting to that point. If you are at that point today, right now, despite what you have already tried will you please call 1-800-273-TALK? With help comes Hope. With care, NHDC co-founders @doc_smartin and @nevabnprmd #naturalhairdoescare

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