VH1+ “Sorority Sisters” Gets Swept Up in Backlash As The Show Loses Advertising Dollars

We haven’t even seen  the show and already, we can tell you it’s a hot mess.

This past Monday, Mona Scott Young unleashed her latest affront to black people right after the season 5 opener of Love and Hip Hop New York.  “Sorority Sisters” follows ladies from four different Atlanta sororities and boy, do they have Black Twitter all in a tizzy.

In her usual fashion, Mona makes use of every stereotype about Greek life that she can. And since she’s following women in their post-college years, you would think there would be a lot more sisterhood going on, right? The trailer has them looking really petty right now.

Well, after all that, Carmex has chosen to pull it’s advertising dollars from the show’s time slot.

As well as the director of the Selma movie Ava DuVernay

We wonder how long VH1 can keep this up because it’s not looking too good for them right now.


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