Los Angeles Lawyers Stage Die-In to Support Protests of Police Brutality


Hundreds of lawyers, law students and legal aids came together last week as they all “died” in the rain fighting for justice against the police brutality that disproportionately affects black lives. Dressed in business suits and holding briefcases, their bodies  overtook the stairs of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles.

Lawyer Erin Darling told KTTV of Los Angeles “These are lawyers protesting the non-indictments in Ferguson, Staton Island and in general lawyers concerned about justice and trying to uphold the constitution.”

“We’re here to protest the injustice that’s been taking place across the country. The shooting deaths of unarmed black people across country without accountability of legal system. We’re here to say enough is enough,” Law professor and event spokesperson. Priscilla Ocen said.

According to Colorlines, 275 people participated in the event that lasted around 15 minutes.

“As lawyers we enforce law, uphold the law and are sworn to protect the law and that’s why it’s our obligation to come out here and challenge the law,” another participant, Claudia Pena said.




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