More Minorities and Women Than Ever Are in U.S. Congressional Seats

mia loveSurely no one thought 114 years ago that women would hold 101 seats in Congress. Yet, as the 2015 congressional year starts, this is the largest number of women on the board in history. There is also an increase of minority lawmakers all around, for along with the 84 women, there are 34 Latino-decent, 10 Asian Americans and two Native Americans with hands in making America’s policies.

Notable names include:

Mia Love-  The first black woman Republican in Congress. Also the first black woman from Utah in the position

Elise Stefanik- At the age of 30, she is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

Mazie Hirono (D)- First elected female senator from Hawaii and first Asian American elected Senate, She is currently the only Asian American in the Senate.

Will Hurd- Texas’ first black Republican

Tim Scott- (R) Appointed to South Carolina Senate seat in 2013, also served in the House of Representatives.

Cory Booker (D)- Former mayor of Newark, NJ. First black elected senator for New Jersey.

Marco Rubio (R) Former Speaker of the House for Florida House of Representatives, one of three Latinos in Senate

Ted Cruz (R)- First Latino Senator from Texas

Robert Menendez (D) Latino Senator from New Jersey, serving with Corey Booker

While the numbers are still low, considering that there are 435 members of Congress, this is still an improvement. We look forward to the work that these officials do on behalf of their constituents.


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