Jourdan Dunn Is Vogue UK’s First Black Cover Model in 12 Years


February 2015 magazine covers are about to hit shelves. Lucky for us Jourdan Dunn is serving us gorgeous life on the cover of British Vogue.

The  24-year-old beauty, who looks stunning with her blonde bob and rocking that Prada dress, made the announcement via Instagram last week. She’s dubbed 2015 “the year of the Dunn.” We support that.

What we can’t support is the fact that British Vogue is all about flaunting their lack of diversity last year.  All 12 covers of 2014 featured white models. Fellow Victoria Secret angel, Cara Delevingne got two covers. Kate Moss has been a staple cover model for the publication since her career started.

Perhaps the most significant point to all this is that not only is she the first black model on the cover of the publication in the last 12 month, she is the first black model to appear solo on the cover in 12 years. A decade and then some. Prior to this, Naomi Campbell was the last one to do it in 2002.

According to Stylelist, Harper’s Bazaar U.S. and U.K., Vogue U.K., Vogue Netherlands, Vogue Paris, Vogue Ukraine, Vogue Russia, Teen Vogue, Numéro, Love and Porter magazines all had a diversity dry spell last year. They didn’t employ anyone of color on their covers.

Jourdan has spoken out on the fashion industry’s racism before, saying:
” …There was a season where ethnic models were being represented and then it went back to the same routine of just using one or none at all. It seems like [non-white models] are only cast when it’s hot for one season and everyone jumps on board. It’s a look.”

With some of the backlash that Vogue UK received on the above post, maybe it might trigger a change for the editors to listen to their readers. We’ll see.


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