Eighth Grade Girl Attacked at Detroit School With Box Cutter, Lawyer Says Fight Could Have Been Prevented

Quanaisha Allison

A 14-year-old girl was attacked at school with a box cutter and her family believes it could have been prevented.

Quanaisha Allison,  a student attending Arbor Trail Magnet School in Detroit, Michigan says that she reported threatening texts that she had received to school administrators and her mother. The texts came from another student that she said wanted to fight her. On March 23, the girl was attacked outside of the school.

Prior to the attack last Monday, school officials called a meeting between the two girls. Quanaisha and her mother thought that everything was settled between them. The trouble came as school was ending and Quanaisha says that she was approached from behind by the other girl. In the midst of holding the other girl down the defend herself, she says that the girl’s mother and sister jumped in the scuffle.

According to Detroit’s ABC 7 NEWS, Quanaisha says it was the girl’s sister pulled out a box cutter and proceeded to slash her face. She described the situation as, “Sliced up my face with a razor blade and, like, punching my face and stuff. I really couldn’t see. I had my eyes closed.” Quanaisha’s mother, Anaisha Chapman arrived as the fight was coming to an end, alleging that she saw the other girl’s mother choking her daughter.

Both Quanaisha and the other girl were suspended from school for a week for fighting on school grounds.

The family’s attorney, Racine Miller, believes that the school could have done more to prevent the situation because they had adequate notice about the threat.  She also says that Quanaisha continues to be threatened over social media outlets like Kik and Instagram.

Detroit Public Schools assures that police are investigating the attack. They also released a statement on Thursday:

Ann Arbor Trail is an excellent college preparatory school with a private school feel that values a safe culture and climate. In the incident referenced, staff worked with both girls and their parents on several occasions to quell a situation with students that began when they were enrolled at another school. Despite assurances by the girls that their differences were settled and agreements by parents they would work together to discuss their daughters’ behavior, both girls nonetheless engaged in a fight that resulted in disciplinary action.

What do you think of the situation? Did the school do enough?


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