Love Vs Lust: 3 Signs You’re Not In Love


The love versus lust debate has always been a pretty hot topic in relationships because feelings can be very confusing. If you find yourself wanting to spend all your time with that person, that’s great. The real question is do you want to spend all your time with them or do you  just want to spend all your time in bed with them? Yes, there is a bit of a problem there.

Here are 3 signs that you may be lusting rather than falling in love.

1. All that matters is that he/she is attractive

Of course you want to be attracted to your significant other, but looks fade. If you find yourself more wrapped up in physical appearance but have no concern about other attributes, love is unlikely,

2. There has been no “meet the parents moment… and you don’t want one.

Meeting someone’s family is like the ultimate insider pass– you get to know a lot about a person. If you have no interest in getting to know someone on that kind of level, you shy away from anything that could become intimate.

3. Deep discussions about feelings are a negative.

The two of you have never had a discussion about your feelings toward each other, and you avoid one at all costs. Things being light and carefree keeps the relationship simple. Deep conversations build bonds between individuals. If you can’t see yourself sitting down and talking about the meaning of life (or anything else, for that matter,) it might be hard to be fall in love.

All this boils down to is what you want from a relationship. If you’re looking for love, you need to really consider not only the feelings you have, but those of your potential partner.


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