Oklahoma Deputy Who Killed Eric Harris Receives Manslaughter Charge for Shooting


The Tulsa, OK volunteer reserve deputy who fatally shot Eric Courtney Harris on April 2 surrendered to police on Tuesday and immediately posted $25,000 bail to be released

Robert Bates. a 73-year-old insurance company CEO was charged with manslaughter on Monday in connection with shooting 44-year-old Harris after subduing him during an undercover operation. Harris was unarmed and struggling with other officers on the ground when Bates claims he was reaching for his Taser and ‘inadvertently fired his gun.

Video footage caught by another deputy’s sunglasses camera was released this past Friday by request of Mr. Harris’ family. It shows an officer chasing and tackling Harris after he tried to sell an illegal gun to an undercover officer.


As the deputy has Harris on the ground face down, you can hear gunshots and a man say “Oh,  I shot him. I’m sorry.”

Harris screams “He shot me  Oh, my God. I’m losing my breath.”

An officer then replies “You shouldn’t have fucking ran! Fuck your breath.”

Eric Harris later died at a local hospital.

If convicted of the killing, Bates faces up to four years in prison.



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