#KylieJennerChallenge: Why is this a thing?


Oh, Kylie…

The baby Kardashian is making huge waves again. if it’s not about her possibly-maybe-for-real dating Tyga, it’s usually about her hair or lips. Today, it’s about the latter.

Plenty of people have wondered whether Kylie’s lips are surgically enhanced, and while she maintains that her kisser is naturally plump, it doesn’t stop the adoring public from latching on to this potentially dangerous “challenge” of using a shot glass for suction.

Via the Washington Post:

Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, taking the Kylie Jenner Challenge is a thing that people do — and people are being warned against.

“Very young girls — significantly younger than Kylie, who is only 17! — are participating,” Emily Orofino of Pop Sugar reported. “… After placing their lips into the shot glass, they suck the air out of the glass, creating friction. However, because the glass isn’t flexible … the shot glass can break under all the pressure, causing serious injuries that require stitches to repair.”

So basically, people are willing to risk disfigurement for this or at the very least, looking extremely stupid?

Meanwhile Black Twitter is like:

What do you think of all this?


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