Recap: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta S04 E01- “The Danger Zone”


Monday saw the return of everyone’s favorite installment of the Love and Hip-Hop franchise. Yes, the Atlanta cast is back and as messy as ever.

In the season 4 opener, we saw Stevie J sans the Puerto Rican princess (who was often spoken of, but never seen.) Reportedly, Joseline was suspended for an episode due to the fights at the season 3 reunion. Maybe while the princess is away, Stevie decides to play– and bad behavior isn’t looking too good on him or his new business partnership with Mimi.

We also see Erica put Scrappy on blast to Mama Dee about $50k in missing child support checks, Kirk is still looking ultra sleazy in his new “office” with his new artist, Ashley Nicole and Nikko is still a parasite. This time though, his wife Margeaux is being strung along through all his bull as he attempts to deal with the bridges he broke and burned.

Head over to VH1 and watch the episode if you missed it.


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