Thank You: Deray McKesson Ignores Wolf Blitzer’s Attempt to Bait Him Into Speaking Negatively About the Baltimore Protests


It is no secret that the media feeds viewers the images that they want  to be seen. They tell you what they want you to know and the thoughts the they want you to think.  Deray McKesson, however, will not be had… and he proved it during an interview yesterday with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer regarding the mass protests going on in Baltimore, Maryland.

Blitzer was obviously trying to get him to feed into the negative narrative that has flood news coverage of the events in Baltimore and he even went so far as to use the tired comparisons of the situation today to the protests led by Dr. Martin Luther King.

Thank you for swerving! Stop letting other people tell our story for us and control the conversation.

The most frustrating part of these events, especially when watching from the outside, is that you begin to see how people really feel. You begin to see that most people have not intention of trying to understand why America is in a general state of unrest, particularly in regards to police brutality and racism. It is important to know that while there are other ways to protest, the violence that people are rising against– the violence at the hands of law enforcement– has made people feel trapped and as though they need to fight their way out.  Deray articulated it perfectly when he said that one doesn’t have to  condone the actions to understand the actions.



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