Police Release New Information About Freddie Gray’s Case.


freddie-gray-baltimore-police-deathAs America watches the people of Baltimore rise up against the oppression of police brutality, those of us who are not in geographical proximity to the Maryland city have still undoubtedly been affected by the stories that led to these protests and others that have occurred in recent memories.

Baltimore is angry and looking for answers in the death of 25 year old Freddie Gray, the man that was injured in police custody on April 12– which left him with his spine 80 percent severed. He died April 19. It is still unclear exactly what happened the day they arrested him, but Baltimore Police Department announced new information today.

According to newly obtained footage, the van carrying Gray made a previously unknown stop before arriving at the police station.

Via ABC News:

“Detectives say the police van picked up Gray after he ran from police. They then made one stop previously known to officers, but made another stop that police said today they did not learn about until investigating the case further. From that second stop, they made another stop before making a fourth stop to pick up another prisoner. They then went to the police station, according to Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis, who headed the Baltimore Police Department’s investigation of the case.

The announcement came as Police Commissioner Anthony Batts announced that their department had completed its portion of the investigation a day earlier than expected and handed over all information to the Baltimore State’s Attorney Office to handle the rest of the case.

Batts said 30 detectives had been assigned to the Gray investigation, and their “focus was this case and only this case.”

“We have exhausted every lead … this does not mean the investigation is over,” he said.”




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