Fashion Bosses Hold Showcase by Teenage Girls in Trenton Boys and Girls Club


Today’s young fashion entrepreneurs are not only launching clothing lines but they are also giving back. Dressme 2night CEO, Nicole Bowser and Beast Clothing CEO, Renee Washington both graduates of Rutgers University and Cheney University, respectively, are  defining to the next generation of entrepreneurs that you can be from an inner city and make all your dreams come true.The two bosses spent the entire winter and spring mentoring a group of teenage girls to instruct them on self-esteem and social issues facing young women today.The event was held at Mercer County Boys and Girls Club the prominent center that promotes youth development in New Jersey.


The mentorship program ended with “More Than A Beauty” Showcase and was open to parents and members of the Boys and Girls Club. The showcase featured the latest collection of dresses at and Beast T-shirts at ,both brands boost a big social media following online. Vision boards and Stats on teenage pregnancy were all presented by the teenage girls themselves to the audience. During the series girls had a chance to go through workshops to workout challenges and discuss topics such as finance, business, and teen pregnancy.


All Stars dance team preformed during the intermission and gave a spectacular choreographed performance to Yonce ofcourse.

We hope that the young ladies we’re inspired just as much as we were at this experience to have formed bonds that they can take with them to the outside world and continue on their endeavors through success and education.

Renee Washington and Nicole Bowser.
Renee Washington and Nicole Bowser.


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