Harrisburg PA High School Student Suspended Over Prom Dress

harrisurg-pa-prom-student-suspended-1A Pennsylvania high school senior caught a bit of flack from school officials over her “revealing” prom dress, earning her a one-day suspension.  Her mom thinks it was because she was “plus-sized.”

Harrisburg High School apparently requires all prom dresses to be approved by the principal and Alexus Miller-Wigfall’s mother, Alisha Sneed, tried several times to have a requested revision approved on  the gown– which she had designed to better comply with the school’s policies.

After having the neckline closed quite a bit to conceal her cleavage, Sneed contacted the school but never heard back from them. She sent her daughter to the dance.

Three days later, Alexus was served with an in-school suspension notice because her dress violated policy by allegedly showing too much cleavage.


School officials wouldn’t actually tell Sneed what exactly was wrong with the dress to trigger the punishment, but after a local news outlet questioned the decision, they decided to reverse the suspension, which she says she wouldn’t have let Alexus serve anyway.

Right on, mom!

Alexus is slated to graduate next month and attend Lincoln University.

What do you think about the prom dress?


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