Nicki Minaj’s Ex, Safaree Samuels Releases Song and Causes Nicki to Spill Some Tea on Her Feelings For Meek Mill


When Nicki Minaj stepped on the scene with Safaree Samuels, we always assumed that the two were holding each other down. Well yesterday, Safaree dropped a track titled “Love The Most,” in which he claims that was not the case.  In fact, she was more concerned about herself. Though he never called her by name, the lyrics definitely raised some eyebrows.

“Yeah I was a backbone, a little caught up in the light
All I did was hold you down, before it all you was my wife
Real life behind the scenes, all I did was really help
To them you just a billboard, I cared about your health
I don’t care about the wealth

I ain’t care about your fame
I ain’t care about no flawless VVS’s in your chain
I ain’t sayin’ I’m the best, no one will love you like I did
12 years up in flames, thought you woulda had my kid

Year 3 got engaged, now we movin’ out of rage
I ain’t never think our book woulda ended on this page
Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it’s all cool
Inside I was feelin’ like a motherf—in’ fool

Life revolves around a b–ch show me a man that won’t cheat
Said I was overreactin’ but you did like
Said I was overreactin’ guess you did like”

Breakups are hard.

Nicki is never one to sit idly by while someone talks smack, so she took to twitter to offer some choice words… and then deleted them. Start from the bottom, of course.


nicki-minaj-twitterHard at work on the Atlanta set of Barbershop 3, Nicki clearly didn’t get everything off her chest the first go-around, so she came back with these.

nicki-minaj-safaree-twitter-1 nicki-minaj-safaree-twitter-2Nicki also took the opportunity to talk about her  very public relationship with rapper, Meek Mill,  who she started dating after ending her 12-year relationship with Safaree. Safaree made mention of how she never showed him off when they were together. Nicki constantly posts about her new boo.

What a shame, it took a split for them to know I was your man
Got so tired of hidin’ it
Head high with no pride in it
Guess I wasn’t cool enough cause in our pictures we hidin’ it

To which she said,

nicki-minaj-meek mill-twitter

Listen to the song below!

Lyrics via Genius// Photos via TheYBF


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