Chris Christie Announces His Republican Nomination for President and His Backlash

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his Republican nomination to run for President Yesterday. Christie made the announcement yesterday at Livingston High school in New Jersey. Christie is known as a tough talking, tell it like it is Republican Governor. Christie had highly elite Republican backing in the late 2000’s when Mitt Romney was running for President. Christie has since lost most of his backing due to The Bridgegate Scandal his administration had been involved in a couple of years ago here:

The George  Washington Bridge lane closure connected Fort Lee, New Jersey to New York that affected millions of commuters. While the Nomination was being announced . Tom Maron openly wrote an article in  the Star Ledge titled “After 14 Years of Watching Christie Warning: He Lies”

Check out Rachel Maddow’s segment on Christie below that gives you the background on how Republicans turned on Governor Christie and his background on his earlier Elite Republican Nomination:


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