Safaree Post Pic at VH1 Hint’s At His New Reality Show


Nicki Minaj’s Ex boyfriend Safaree Samuels has hit us with some scoop on his instagram Tuesday that he may come out with a hit Reality TV show. He took a picture of outside of the doors of VH1 studios captioned:

So there’s this Man above called God I pray to.. Last thing I checked he ran the world… Not humans.. #blessed #2coast1day #STUNTGANG #andnothisaintLovenhiphop #iwouldnever #nothingwrongwithitbutitaintme #myshit #no1elses #Wouldyouwatchmyshow???

As you may all know Safaree and Nicki had a very public breakup last year after over a decade of being together. Safaree has mentioned in interviews that he feels like Nicki Minaj’s success broke them up. I’m sure that the show will touch on their relationship and Safaree current projects.He said that his appearance won’t be on Love and Hip Hop.Would you watch Safaree’s show anyway?


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