Love & Hip-hop Atlanta Episode 13 “Revenge” Recap

Love and Hip hop

This episode opens up at the club where rapper Waka Flacka’s fiance,Tammy, came to confront Kaleena Harper over how she talked to her Mother- In- Law, Deb at last episodes manager meeting. Kaleena and Tammy continue fighting back and forth over who is more in a messed up financial situation in their respective relationships. Kaleena and Tammy were yelling they both were financially unstable from both sides of the club. Kaleena in her segement says the only person she talked to about her financial problems was her close friend, Rasheeda.


Rasheeda steps in to break the fight up between the ladies because she was the one who suggested to Kaleena to go see Deb about becoming her manager.Tammy ends up dropping the bomb to Rasheeda after she pulls Tammy to the side and say’s that Kaleena was not a loyal friend to her anyway because Kaleena was going around talking behind Rasheeda’s back. Rasheeda is shocked to learn the news, even if Tammy was giving her the information  to defend her side of her argument with Kaleena.

Erica and Scrappy plan a Birthday party for their daughter.Bambi felt like a outsider at the party.She admits although Scrappy gave her a key to his place and wants to start a family, she has to put her dreams on hold for Scrappy and that may not be in her future.Stevie J. lets Mimi know he leaving Atlanta to go back to California and explained to Mimi he is going to have to make decisions for his own personal career goals that might affect their management company,which includes managing rapper Tiffany Foxx. Mimi is more worried how that will affect their daughter that they have together because Stevie just came back from completing rehab. She thought Stevie will need to stay closer in Atlanta to be there to help see is daughter grow up anyway.


Sina, the mother of Joc’s twins, stops by Joc Ex-girlfriend, Karlie Redd’s, new boutique to talk about how KD sabotaged both of their relationships with Young Joc. The two end up even calling KD by a new nickname Miss Piggy saying she a home wrecker. Karlee agree’s and hearing Sina’s thoughts makes her think of the way Joc betrayed her too. Sina really just wants Joc back so Karlie and Sina come up with a plan to seek revenge against KD.

Rasheeda and Kirk are back in the studio recording what could have been marketed as her “last” studio hit, when Kaleena stops by. Kaleena starts out by explaining to Rasheeda how Rasheeda didn’t check on her from outside when she was arguing with Tammy. Rasheeda asks Kaleena about the rumor that Tammy spilled during that night. Tammy told Rasheeda that Kaleena described Rasheeda as “shady and a bum a Bitch” who was passing out CDs on Kaleenas tour bus and everything. Kaleena refutes that and cleans up what she really said about the tour bus statement. Rasheeda refutes what Kaleena accused her of by saying she said she hoped Tony, Kaleena’s ex-manager husband,and Kaleena pay their bills(mortgage notes, cars, fees, and etc.) on time. Kaleena expresses how after a decade of friendship how her friend Rasheeda can talk about her behind her back but Rasheeda felt like Kaleena shouldn’t of been talking about her. So the two girlfriends who are both rappers have a falling out,while throwing insults at each other as Kaleena leaves Rasheeda’s studio session.


We’re then introduced to Stevie’s business venture of starting a magazine and his new business partner Daze. Scrappy walks into the cigar parlor where the guys were meeting and touched upon the beef they squashed from previous season when their fiances got into a huge fight that lead to a brawl between both couples. Stevie J. ended up telling Scrappy about his plot to get revenge on people that did him wrong and plans to get Margo to come on the magazine all to make Nikko mad.


Tammy and Bambi meet up at the ice cream shop to talk about the fight that happened with Kaleena and Tammy. Bambi tells Tammy that she’s ready to advance in her career. After being caught up with Scrappy, she admits that she shot a video and her production partner got done more for her then Scrappy had done in two years of their relationship.

Karlie, Kaleena, And Joseline meet at the nail parlor to catch up on their lives and latest drama. Kaleena continues to talk about her business meeting going sour with Deb. Joseline announces she moving to L.A. to support her husband doing business again with Bad Boy.

The ladies start talking about kids and Kaleenas new baby boy. They ask is Stevie J. and Joseline having more kids and Karlie screams she’s freezing her eggs.Karliee already has a grown daughter but the age difference will not make a difference as a matter of fact Karlie announces she is dating platinum recording artist,Lyfe Jennings.She is happy that Lyfe is a “real” artist with not as many kids as Joc. She also let’s the other women know her and Sina are going to set up KD at her event that’s sponsored by Empire records.Both Kaleena and Joseline want no parts of the event invitation.


Later, Kaleena met up with Tony at his club that is under construction to vent to Tony about how she was disappointed by her falling out with Rasheeda and her sense of betrayal and disappointment with how things are going in her life. Her husband suggest that she go to see a therapist because she is exhibiting signs of postpartum depression.He promises to get her the help she needs and we start to see the show touch on topics like mental health.

Margo finds out at the magazine shoot ,that Daze scheduled, is really a plot from Stevie J to get Nikko back.She was relieved that she invited Nikko to the shoot and the men go at it again by involving Mimi into their debacle. Margo calls for an Uber to take her home. She can let the two Men hash out their disgust for each other.

Sina and Karlie are amused at how KD will show up at Karlie Redd’s “Redd”  label launch not knowing she’s been set-up but Karlie’s mess starts to backfire because she does not want run off the record executives. KD gets upset and starts to take off her shoes and we’re left with security breaking up the confrontation.


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