Kendrick Lamar Joins Jidenna on Classic Man remix

Dressed for a gentleman’s club, Jidenna is back on the scene with the “Classic Man” remix and is accompanied by the Hip-Hop heavyweight Kendrick Lamar. Groomed and polished with a perfect hair swirl, Jidenna bounces over the beat with the same vibe felt in the original “Classic Man.”  Jhene Monae and Ty Dolla $ign make guest appearances as well as some nice classic cars.  A good jam to end the summer “Classic Man” remix will continue to keep the party going with Jidenna’s addictive chords and Kendrink Lamar’s rough raps that pleases R&B listeners, Hip-Hop heads, and partygoers.

The party will also continue for Iggy Azalea who receives royalties for her “Fancy” sample in “Classic Man.” Last year was her year with “Fancy”and “Black Widow” and with her sample being used for the chart topper “Classic Man”, the same can be said for this year.


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