Love and Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 14 Review: The Big Dump

Love and Hip hop

In Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we’re brought back as Karlie Redd throw’s a drink in Khadiyah’s face. Sina and Karlie Redd continued to bond over their mutual hate for Khadiyah over Young Joc. The mission was accomplished because K.D. is pissed!

Meanwhile, Lyfe Jennings, Karlie’s new man, pulls Karlie Redd to the side to find out why his new lady is stirring all this drama at her launch event. He explains to Karlie that her petty drama can get Lyfe’s legal problems involved and she doesn’t want that. So Karlie decides to tone down the madness and listen to her beau.


Margeaux meets up with Joseline  because she is upset that her first modeling gig in Atlanta that she landed was a hoax. She explains to Joseline it was done by Stevie J to get revenge at  Nico and Stevie can’t let the pass go. Joseline becomes irritated with Margeaux’s mention of her husbands business affairs and blast Margeaux. Joseline said Margeaux should be happy that anybody like her and her husband gave Margeaux a chanceto be on the cover of the new magazine. Joseline also continues to go in saying Margeaux is just as dumb as Mimi. Margeaux replies back that Joseline’s husband is still in love with Mimi. Joseline dismisses Margeaux out of her sight and Margeaux finds out that she has not real relationships forming in Atlanta.

Khadiyah and Joc meet at his studio. In her segement, she mentions that she is glad that Joc finally got a divorce, yet Khadiyah  doesn’t have time to deal with the baby mama drama. She  tells Joc about the story of how Sina and Karlie set her up. Joc thinks out loud to himself “why the hell would Karlie and Sina be together anyway?” While Khadiyah was telling Joc what happened she drops the bomb about how Sina said she had a fake pregnancy.

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She knew her and Young Joc we’re the only two who knew about her preganacy and is flabbergasted that Sina knew her business. She knew it well enough to  throw it up in her face. K.D. suspects Joc is running his mouth and seeking comfort in Sina. She has no faith in the future of her and Joc’s relationship. Joc,  aggravated by the problems of the women,  snaps on K.D. Joc say’s fuck K.D. and he’s  tired of Khadiyah. Khadiyah say’s she done too and he upgraded when he chose her.Then they break up!


Scrappy invited the guys over. He told the guys how he gave Bambi a key to his crib and really thinks his relationship is moving forward in the right direction.

In the mean time Bambi has just released her video with Laudy and Scrappy doesn’t know anything about it. Rasheeda and Tammy point out that Bambi aka “The Bam” was all hugged up with Laudy in her video. Could there be more going on between these two because the chemistry in the video seems too real according to Tammy and Rasheeda?


Stevie apologized to Tiffany Foxx for the way he acted when he wasn’t sober at their first meeting. Tiffany just wants to make sure that Joseline is not going to have a problem with Stevie working with her. Stevie is not worried about Joseline and continues to work on her Music with Mimi in the studio agreeing beside Stevie.Stevie is acting like a new guy and Tiffany is impressed.

Scrappy tells us things are going good in segment. He mentions that even though him and Erica are having legal woes, the lawyers will handle that. Rasheeda and Kurt go to the studio to check out Scrappy’s new single. They’re curious if he knows about Bambi and the video she has done with Laudy. They end up telling Scrappy about Bambi’s flirtation in the  video.


Bambi shows up at the Studio while Rasheeda and Kirk are there spilling the tea. Scrappy and her start arguing about the news. Bambi complains about him not helping her out in her career, so she went and made things happen for herself. The audacity of Scrappy makes Bambi upset.They begin fighting and then Bambi breaks up with Scrappy.

Stevie invites Margo to work things out about the magazine shoot. Stevie said he not paying Margo the $10,000 she is asking for her time. He tells her the only ten he would give her is the 10 seconds he has to get out. He counts to 10 and throws her out.


Young Joc goes to Karlie’s store to confront her about what happened with K.D. Joc tells Karlie to stay away from Sina.  Karlie doesn’t listen and takes a liking to Sina.While at the store, Joc and Karlie start talking fashion. Young Joc mentions Karlie’s taste is too revealing and Karlie says that Jocs taste is childish. He is reminded of how “messy” Karlie Redd was in their relationship and that he’s glad he cheated on Karlie. Ouch.

KaleenaVantagePoint-1409957221Kirk and Tony arrange a meeting without their wives knowing on a date night. They wanted the two former friends to be given a place for them to iron things out but it doesn’t work. Tony trying to be a peacemaker mentions that Kaleena may be going through  Postpartum depression again. Kaleena is emabrrased her husband would air her out in front of Kurt and Rasheeda as Rasheeda starts to laugh at what’s happening to Kaleena. To add insult to injury Tony ask Kaleena can Kurt and Rasheeda be their baby’s God Parents. Kaleena say not even a chance.

The guys leave the table for a drink so the two women can be alone. Kaleena and Rasheeda start arguing again about the who is more well off in their rap career and business ventures. The two still disagree and their friendship looks like it can not be repaired.


This week involved two break ups and many disagreements. It was off the chain as usual after all this is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!


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