Meek Mill Claps Back


Meek Mill Just “Wanna Know” Dis to Drake

In the wee hours of the night, Meek Mill’s diss track to Drake was released on Hot 97 on Funkmaster Flex’s show. Drake made amends with Charlemagne and Meek Mill makes Funkmaster Flex’s promise of releasing his diss track true. A lot of third party mentions and participation has occurred during this week long beef.
Meek Mill’s “Wanna Know” was produced by two heavyweight producers Jahlil Beats and Swizz Beats and it sounds like it with two completely different beats being used for the four minute track. Samples are included in the track with one of those samples being a snippet of Quentin Miller, Drake’s alleged ghostwriter, singing “running through the six with my woes; counting money you know how it goes; all the real live forever baby; and the fakes get exposed”, nearly identical lyrics to Drake’s “Know Yourself.”

Meek Mill’s lyrics

Meek Mill played it more gangster than lyrical. Some slight jabs were thrown with lines like “I just wanna know, if you ain’t write that running through the six shit; tell us who the fuck Quentin out here running through the six with . . .  n*ggas writing for you cause you know you never did shit” and “let’s keep it short, nigga you ain’t get your chick back yet and now she rocking with the chance and now you missed that check.” However, the yelling and rushing made him sound mangled at best and incoherent at worst. The bragging and physical threats did not compare to Drake attacking Meek Mill’s career and manhood. Additionally, the change in beat and addition of samples made it seem like a more playful track, especially with Meek Mill’s commentary like “Milli Vanilli that n*gga.” It’s almost like a more energetic “Charged Up” with some lines that make you say “oh” but ultimately leaving you unimpressed. Hopefully, Meek Mill is concocting his own “Back to Back” diss. In the meantime, Drake remains unscathed by the diss track.


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