Tyga reality show “Kingin With Tyga” Debuts


Tyga’s reality show

“Kingin With Tyga” is officially a thing with the debut on MTV2. Not as fun as “Rob and Big” but not as friendly as “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family.” Even with low, low sales of the The Gold Album, being sued for unpaid rent,  and his public persona being affected by disapproving opinions of his relationship with 17 year old Kylie Jenner, who will 18 on August 10th, Tyga makes damn sure that the audience understands that he is far from struggling. The intro begins with a semi-brag of his wealth with plenty of flashes of a jet and expensive cars. The hype of the intro is similar to when you watch a movie in IMAX and there is a preview of how awesome IMAX is but you already purchased your ticket so regardless you are committed.

Tyga likes Eygpt. How do I know? Because he calls his home a kingdom, he named his son King Cairo, and has an egyptian chair (worth $25,000 that is an imported artifact but more on that later). Tyga also likes gold, a lot, and that is thanks to Master P, who is his neighbor. Tyga gets a bit sentimental about how he looked up to the hip hop mogul when he was younger and now they are neighbors so you know progress. Master P makes an unnecessary appearance and unnecessary references to his rough upbringing. It seemed like every sentence Master P said began or ended with “because I lived in the ghetto.” Who was doubting his street credibility? He is an O.G. in the rap game. After the plot pushing cameo of Master P with his trusty entourage that all wore Last Kings, Tyga’s clothing brand, Tyga says he wants to do gold better than his role model Master P and wants to change his $25,000 imported artifact chair into a golden toilet. His “right hand man” Trell will hook it up for him because he always pulls through or else why would be here doing exaggerated movements and being generally a bit much.

The next plot for this twenty minute episode is that King, his son, is in his “art phase” where he draws everywhere so it is obvious that the right thing to do is to get a mural painted on his wall by his godfather, the one and only Chris Brown. Tyga also says that King changed his life for the better and that is a big “aww” moment. Anyway, Chris Brown is a serious painter and Tyga tells us that Chris Brown is such a talented painter that his paintings are sold for $50,000 – $60,000 in real life. Tyga calls Chris and Chris says yes then Tyga calls Katherine, his assistant who he keeps on her toes and has her get the supplies immediately. Chris Brown shows up and it is so serious that the music changes. Unnatural conversations ensues, King accidently spray paints Chris Brown’s paints and that is that. Chris Brown tells us that he usually paints monsters but this time he is going to paint something cute so he does not scare King. Chris finishes it and King sees it and does not react much because he is two. They take a picture for Instagram and that whole plot is done.

Tyga’s house

Now back to Trell and making the $25,000 imported artifact chair into a golden toilet. Did I mention that they mentioned the cost of the chair eight times throughout this episode if I counted correctly. It is like “just in case you forgot he is rich let us mention that we are transforming a $25,000 imported artifact chair into a golden toilet because he is rich”. There was also the mentioning of his $10 million mansion and the all gold Lamborghini just in case you still did not get that he is rich. Back to this stupid toilet, I mean all gold toilet. Ant, Tyga’s manager, comes in and says no and acts like a receipt and drops all the prices. Trell is spending $40,000 to convert the $25,000 imported artifact chair into a toilet but he has the perfect people to do it. Some guys come over and do it and they do not know who “Master Pieces” is. Trell is flabbergasted and dramatically walks away twice.

Fast forward and Tyga’s DJ, S.B., is introduced but only his Adidas sneakers are given screen time because there were no clear headshots. The toilet is not working and is actually overflowing or leaking because there is water on the floor that messes up S.B’s new sneakers, his words. Trell fixes it somehow, not much is given on the whole how, but he shows Ant who is impressed enough that he feels the need to put on Tyga’s Versace robe when “testing it out”. Tyga is next to see it and boy is it spectacular. It has a remote, glows in the dark and has bluetooth so it can play music. Let me not forget the gold toilet paper and the gold potty train seat for King. Jokes are made, the episode ends.

So we know Tyga is quite rich, is great friends with Chris Brown, has a son named King, that his circle consists of Katherine, Ant, Trell and S.B., that he is neighbors with Master P and that he loves gold so much that he had to have a gold toilet to outdo Master P. All in all, it is a show. A good one, not so much. More so so. Maybe it will get more interesting as time goes on.


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