25+ Trendy Black Hairstyles for Women: Colors

2015 Hair Color Trends For Black Women


Hair coloring is not for the faint of heart.Hair coloring can in fact be for the bold and beautiful. In previous seasons stylist had gone outside the coloring box with ombre styles, now they’ve knocked it out with mermaid and galactic colors.The colors that these black women have been seen trending this year have been amazing. Blues, Greens, Purples, and Grey hues have been all the latest rage all over the red carpets and social media. Some of the combinations you will see are combined with gray or green or black.We’re pretty sure the color wheel will help in choosing your color combos. Again you should be aware that over processing of your hair can cause damage so seek the advice of your hair stylist before you start lifting your hair or bleaching. To get the best color treated hair maintenance, proper moisturizing and deep conditioning of dyed hair is required, in order to avoid dryness and breakage. Like we said this is not for the faint and careless of heart. Moisture, moisture, moisture ladies.

Here are some of the best hair colors were have seen across the net from our favorite celebrities and beauties:

1. Blue Mermaids with hints of black, green, or purple

2. The Color Purple with hints of Grey, Black and Silver

3. Burgandy Bombshells with deep red highlights

4.Turquoise with hints of black or blue

5. Gelactic Colors

6. Grey and Chic

(Photo Credits: Instagram)


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