Drake Continues to Throw Disses at Meek Mill

Drake has been having a pretty good week considering that it started with Meek Mill questioning his credibility and accusing him of using a ghostwriter for his feature on Meek Mill’s “R.I.C.O” and using Quentin Miller for “Know Yourself.”

However, Drake did not turn to Twitter but went into the studio to crank out lifeless but lyrical “Charged Up” and impressive “Back to Back” freestyle. Meek Mill replied with the lackluster “Wanna Know” and went on to become the butt of endless jokes.

Meek Mill is even getting sued by the Undertaker, a WWE legend, for using his sample in the unimpressive track. So it is only right that Drake joins in the fun at charity kickball event. Chilling with his woes, Drake donned on a t-shirt with the “Charged Up” logo and smiled as he stated that “like you said, I haven’t taken a lost all week.”We thinks it is the beard, its a no-cares-given kind of beard.



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