Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 Episode 13 “Doing Me”

Love and Hip hop

Last week we’re were left with Tony and Kurt trying to make their wives make amends but the guys figure out that Rasheeda and Kaleena are not ready to make up. After Kaleena throws a drink across the table, Tony rushes Kaleena out the building but she can’t see why she has to go causing her more embarrassment. Kaleena is still upset that Tony would bring up her Postpartum depression issue in front of  Rasheeda and tells him how disappointed she while they are leaving the restaurant. Kaleena is so frustrated at how things are going for her right now.

Momma Dee surprises Erica and tells her  that Earnest and her are getting married soon rather then later. Erica is asked to be in the wedding,but Erica is super reluctant to accept given the past  of her and Momma Dee.

Tiffany Foxx asked Joseline meet to talk woman to woman about Stevie J managing her. She wanted to be clear with Joseline that there is no ulterior motive going on with Stevie and her and that she intends to keep things strictly business. Joseline ends up telling Tiffany she respects her for coming to her but is wondering why Stevie has not told her he’s been managing other artist. After one too many drinks Joseline starts to tell Tiffany how she’s not worried about Stevie cheating on her because she brings home “treats” once a month for Stevie and tells Tiffany how she brought Jessica Dime home but Stevie wasn’t to keen for Jessica because of her full figure. Tiffany thinks she is winning Joseline over and continues to make moves around Atlanta. Joseline on the other hand tells us she has to have a word with her Husband.

Nikko invites his mother to Atlanta to catch her up on his marriage. When Margeaux comes to dinner Nikko’s mother asks how they’re doing. Nikko tells his mother that him and Margeuax are headed towards divorce. The dinner quickly turns sour when Vanessa ask if either of them is seeing someone else. Margeaux drops the ball on the table and let’s Nikko know that she is seeing someone else and things are getting serious. Margeaux thinks that her marriage ran its course. Nikko is devastated because he had hopes of trying to repair his marriage after the “Scandal in Atlanta”.

Karlie Redd goes over Kaleena’s house to pay a visit to her and the new baby. Kaleena tells Karlie how  things got out of  control at the dinner date. The conversation turns to how Kaleena has been felling lately, Kaleena admits she is suffering from postpartum depression. Karlie admits that she suffered from postpartum depression with her daughter and Kaleena makes up her mind to seek therapy.

Bambi apologized to Scrappy for how she reacted when he confronted her while they take a stroll though the park trail and he admits on camera that he really loves Bambi and that he will support her more.

Joseline is in the studio promoting her song “Church”. She thanks her new producers and could care less about her husband Stevie not producing  the new track. She calls Karlie Redd into the studio to listen to the record. Karlie is surprised to find out that Stevie is not in the studio and Joseline is trying to do things by herself.

Margeaux meets up with Jessica Dime to talk about doing a collaboration because Jessica Dime was disappointed that her meeting setup by Mimi’s , MF management, with Jermain Dupri , did not go as planned. Jessica Dime sees this as the perfect opportunity for her and Margeaux to team up against Mimi,

Momma Dee brings her best friend, her daughter, Erica and Bambi together at her bridal fitting and ask them to be her brides maids. Daughter Jasmine is still not happy about her mother marrying Earnest and can not agree. Neither can Erica agree but eventually she obliges. While at the fitting Bambi offers the entire bridal party a complimentary bundle of hair from her line of  virgin remi hair. This frustrates Erica because her and Bambi don’t see eye to eye. The two get into an argument but Momma Dee quickly dissolves the argument between the two ladies emphasizing that it is “her” day.

Joseline plans a romantic night for Stevie so she can get the truth out of Stevie and so that she can tell him she is making music without him. the truth comes out and Stevie does tell Joseline but he’s not happy that his wife is going around Atlanta making music connections without his management.

Jessica Dime and Dawn see Tiffany Foxx at the lounge.Dawn suggest Jessica Dime talk to Tiffany about the last encounter the two had at Jazzy Pha studio. Things take a turn for the worst and drink and fist start flying over a comment Tiffany made to Dime about her un-professionalism in the industry as an artist.

Tiffany Foxx

The season is almost over. There is one more episode until the Reunion. Stay tuned!


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