Help?! Once you go natural do you start off with complete protective styles?


Question: Once you decide to go natural and once you BC (Big Chop) or whatever did anyone start off with complete protective styles? I did that and thought there was some growth in starting to think there would have been more if it wasn’t manipulated into braids and weaves so much. Anyone have this issue or had it?

Answer: The first time I went natural I did a BC and I let my hair grow in to a TWA and then once I had enough length I used box braids to maintain my length. The secod time I went natural. I had a Rihanna cut which made it easier to transition. So the second time I stop using relaxers and let the my new growth grow out for about two years using sew in’s and trimmed off the relaxed ends in between washes when I went to my stylist. Now i’m APL and bun most of the time. I’ve had no issues using protective styles. You should always maintain your trims every 8-10 weeks and deep condition and you should see length retention.


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