Beyoncé: The September Issue



Beyoncé is on the cover of this year’s September Issue. Her body is poised like a queen rising from her throne. Her dark eyes stare at you and you’re left wondering why after 215 years of publication, there’ve only been three women of color on the September Issue. Sigh, that’s a question for another article.

On this cover, Queen B rocks a wavy shoulder length haircut. It’s a change from the flowing locks that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing throughout the years.  Still, she looks #Flawless. To Black women who’ve changed their hair, there’s nothing major happening with this change. I’ve gone from brown hair, to blue hair, to blunt bangs, and then an Afro in a span of a month. It’s just a normal month of being a Nubian queen who wants to control her hair.

This week an article by Megan Garber discussed “Beyoncé and the Politics of Stringy Hair”. The article states that Beyoncé is making a political statement by rocking stringy hair. However, Garber fails to mention the fact that Beyoncé wears weaves. Yes, I said the W word. For some reason, people like to skirt around weaves like all of them are giant tumble weaves filled with deadly, matted traps. Warning: Weaves on Deck.

In media, especially media that lacks diversity, people love analyzing aspects of culture, which they don’t have all the information on. Somehow wavy hair is able to become a political statement while an Afro is a fun change. Yes, I’m still talking about Allure’s alluring misappropriation of Black hair.

There is a desire in our society to police Black women’s bodies, including our hairstyles. People who don’t understand what it means to have hair as a Black women attempt to make blanketed statements without asking Black women or looking up the history of Black hair.

For those who don’t understand Black culture, everything that we do with our hair or bodies has to either fit underneath some understanding that matches their mindset or is a tool that they can use for their own gain. Sometimes, Black women want to change our hair. I wonder if Emma Watson appeared on the cover of the September Issue with blonde hair, would that have been a political statement also?


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