New Hip Hop Songs of the Day


Method Man – 2 Minutes of Your Time

Method Man is releasing his fifth studio album The Meth Lab on August 21. The one-ninth member of Wu Tang Clan decided to bless the world with this track. His proclamation that “I don’t rap, I flow” continues to hold as he flows seamlessly with the cruise-worthy beat. Nothing is forced and each bar coheres to the previous to give you a melodical conversation with Method Man.

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Twista – 100 Bandz (Freestyle)

Chedda Da Connect’s “100 Bandz” was freestyled over by Twista with the speed and zingers we know him for. Zaytoven provided the beat and the once fastest rapper fired off trap music-esque lyrics. The drawl of his hundred bands made me worrisome that he would follow the leader and attempt a Future flow that ranges from incoherent to the singy-rappy. However, the Chicago legend fused himself in the track and it worked in his favor.

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AZ – Grew Up a Screw Up (Freestyle)

AZ greatest accomplishment is likely his frequent appearances on list related to underrated rappers. He is in ranks with other known lyricists but can’t quite reach commercial success like his peers. The New York Native brings that New York sound to the dirty south with a freestyle over Ludacris’s “Grew Up a Screw Up” that featured Young Jeezy. Though brief, it is fulfilling with his youthful delivery and a few punchlines.

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