Kevin Gates’ “The Truth” Attempts to Clear Air Over His Assault Towards a Female Fan in Florida

Kevin Gates has been in the news recently for kicking a female fan during his show in Lakeland, Florida at Club Rumors. The video that circulated around the web shows the eighteen-year-old fan grabbing the Baton Rouge rapper’s shorts and Gates reacting by kicking the fan in the face. She was able to protect her face but the vicious kick still landed on her chest.

The case is now being handled by the State Attorney’s Office after the Lakeland Police Department filed a criminal complaint for simple battery. Miranda Dixon, the victim of Gates attack, has recently opened up about her ordeal to ABC Action News and says that her injuries “still hurts so much, that is why I try not to talk too much or even walk around.” Dixon’s mother is eager to have Gates prosecuted and jailed for his actions but Dixon says she “forgive everyone. I just wish he would’ve never done it, and I’m not a fan of his [any]more.”

Gates only responded to the criticism and threats that followed the assault with a tweet that stated “Kill me,when you see me – it’s dat simple -.” Feeling as if that was not enough, Gates released the track “The Truth.” There is some self-reflection on his behavior with lyrics like “Man in the mirror, you way out of order; go to jail, who gone look out for your daughter; all on news about what happen in Florida; posted on Worldstar a iPhone recorded it; she grabbed my dick overreacted I’m sorry.” However, Gates switches blame to the Dixon by proclaiming that the video was edited and did not show the two or three times that he warned Dixon. A notable and recurring line is “wrong you should have respect for yourself; you a queen and you wasn’t respecting yourself; ever been disrespected, you know how it felt; you don’t have to like me you can go and love someone else.” You can listen to the song in its entirety below.

Gates also made controversial headlines for getting into separate fights with two female fans in Flint, Michigan at Z Club, kicking a woman out of his home for refusing to give his dog, literally his dog, oral sex and for telling the world about his two-year romantic relationship with his cousin.