The Terror that is Donald Trump

The Republican Party has an image issue. The general image of a typical Republican candidate is an old, white, rich, intolerant, clueless man. And lo and behold, the frontrunner for the Republican is Donald John Trump. With little of his speeches dealing with implementable things called strategy and other small things like answering a question completely, Trump has made a platform for himself by simply being the television personality that many of us love to loathe. His stance, or general personality, of refusing to be political correct, offensive statements and wealth has many fawning over him. People are tired of dealing with corruption in politics, which is a serious issue along with conflict of interests in government and private sector relations. So why not deal with candidate who has made backroom deals when a “reasonable” man can fund his own campaign, unlike the previous candidate, Mitt Romney because I know you forgot, who was very frugal with his own contributions.

Trump has this large image of being successful businessman. The points often not included in his rag to riches story is that his companies filed for bankruptcy four times under his control which resulted in the companies surviving so long as Trump was not in charge, excluding the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City because he remained CEO but lost his salary. Sean Combs, Diddy, is probably a better candidate if we are basing our selections for presidency on business ventures. Throw Oprah into the ring too. What is largely missed with businessperson candidates is that the government is not in the for-profit business but the maybe-we-can-get-it-even-though-we-are-aiming-for-a-surplus-because-it’s-a-lot-of-shit-we-need-done business. Controlling a business and running a country are completely different. You fire a hundred people based on the agreement of fifteen people that make up the board of directors so that you can cut cost when you own a company. You cut something that affects millions of people with a good chunk of the general population hating you regardless of if you cut military or food stamps when you run the government. The largest private sector business, Walmart, will never compare to the scope of the United States government. The United States Department of Defense alone beats out Walmart by more than a million employees. It’s is apple and oranges. Might I add that Trump was given money by his father, Fred Trump, that allowed Donald to venture off into real estate, which he gained experience in thanks to his Fred allowing Donald to work for Fred’s already established business, Trump Management Co. That rags to riches story is not so rags.

Donald Trump may lack a significant political career but whatever. Who says an average Joe cannot run a country with little experience? It is his un-candidness and lack of political correctness that makes him a reasonable candidate. No need for politeness or any type of sensible human skills. You need someone who will not fold or crumble to the pressure and just generally not behave. No. Contrary to whoever lied, sometimes you have to collaborate and, shockingly, compromise to keep from having wars left and right because of small grievances and snapping on every politician you are required to work with. George W. Bush threatened to  use “all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release of any U.S. or allied personnel being detained or imprisoned by, on behalf of, or at the request of the International Criminal Court” against Netherlands, which has quite a few International Criminal Courts. Did the Netherlands act tough and run off at the mouth? A little because the Dutch are naturally blatant but ultimately they did not want to go to war with the United States because the Netherlands is a small country with a population of about 16 billion compared to the United States with 312 billion people and a very large military budget. Sometimes the best decision is not the sexiest, bravest, loudest or likable but it still needs to the best decision for the country. Just saying things that can get normal people fired for does not make you revolutionary or brave. It just help everyone know who to avoid because they are clapping a bit too enthusiastically about obviously sexist, racist, and plain awful statements.

But wait, you tell me that Donald Trump does have a somewhat political career that people often times forget. I know, the internet’s memory is either painfully extensive or frustratingly short, particularly on social media. Trump ran for president during 2012 election and backed out of it because his entire platform seemed built on the idea that Barack Obama was a muslim from Africa even after already serving four, four, years in office. He stated that ” business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.” At that time, Republicans saw him in the same light as they view him today, a distraction from real candidates. He also ran for election for a little while in 2000 as a member of the Reform party but believed the Reform nominee would win. He was right so one point for him. Donald Trump has put himself on the platform with same crude and vile language seen on his programs. However, for some reason, in 2016 that loudmouth flare is actually getting him praise. It could be because he is not doing the whole birther routine.

I am not here to deceive or scare you with statistics about how Donald Trump is leading in polls. Everything is entirely speculative. We do not even have official candidates but politicians and one non-politician throwing their bid in to coerce support for their respected party primary and caucuses. This is the only way Deez Nuts can be a candidate. It is honestly just names on paper. The primaries and caucuses do not start until February when Iowa kicks it off and ends June 14 with Washington, DC. However, it should be noted that numerous states have not even finalized their voting dates. What we are seeing now is a popularity / beauty pageant contest with a whole lot of candidates on each end. We do not know how many people actually plan on turning up to polls (and hopefully you will be in attendance) and what wacky things may occur from now until February. If you are a Republican, you have a lot options because it seems like all the Republicans are running and hopefully this sideshow with Trump does not distract you from choosing a candidate with skills and expertise. If you are a democrat, it’s some with Hillary Clinton, the mere idea of Joe Biden running, and somewhat Bernie Sanders taking the spotlight with a few others. There is hope for us all but for the love of all things holy and spiritual, stay informed and vote when it comes time. Anger and frustration are powerful emotions and should not be the only forces steering this presidential election.