Gabrielle Union on the Struggles to Have a Career and Family


During an interview with Redbook Gabrielle Union opened up about the struggles of having a career and a family. Even though women are making strives toward gender equality. There still is a hard choice that many women have to make between either becoming the best in their professions or becoming a mother and having a family.

If a woman chooses to have a career over family, then she’s frigid. But then, if a woman chooses to have a family, people view her as an aimless housewife. All of it is a senseless Catch-22 that’s been haunting women for centuries.

Why can’t we have a career and family like most men do? It’s the 21-century. I’m sure that if we’re able to get anything delivered around the world in two days, then we should be able to figure out a way to stop shaming and forcing women to choose between careers and families.

Remember the saying, it takes a village to raise a child? Trust me, it does. I was one of those bad kids who bit my sister’s back and hit her with paintbrushes for the thrill of it. With me and several other reformed children of the corn, all hands are on deck. Despite it taking two to tango, many times women are left alone to raise a child.

Gabrielle Union opening up about her struggles with choosing between having a family and a career highlights a decision that women are forced to think about. Even some of my friends in college are worrying how medical school will fit in with their plans to have a family. Perhaps more women need to keep talking about how they’ve dealt with building a career while having a family. The struggle is real, but too many women have been taught to remain silent about the modern day difficulties between juggling professions and families.

What do you think? Should more women open up about the struggle between having a career and a family? Or is talking about the choice between the two only further separating us from our male counterparts?


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