Lessons on Love from Serena, Sanna, and Rihanna


In the crazy world of Hollywood, cupid has been shooting arrows everywhere. Some of the recent rumored victims of cupid’s touch have been Rihanna, Serena Williams, and Sanna Lathan. They all have been connected to rappers with interesting romantic pasts.

The Internet is up in arms about their relationships. Rihanna’s Navy collectively had a heart attack when news broke that her and Travis Scott were possibly seeing each other. After Serena lost her match, Twitter created #BlameDrake. Then Sanna Lathan revealed that she’s in a relationship with French Montana, and left everyone dazed and confused.

You can’t fight or dodge cupid’s arrows. People have the right to love whoever they want to. However, as a woman they are so many problems that appear when trying to love. First there’s the issue of women loving men who are possibly not worthy of them. Second, if a woman has a slip up and dates or loves a no good. Then she’s reprimanded or reminded for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, a man has the opportunity to skip away scot-free.

It’s a double standard that women have been taught since childhood. Women can’t sleep around with a bunch of men because that means we are morally corrupt. Men are taught to spread their oats and have a good time. The sky is blue, and water is wet. What on earth are us women going to do?

I say that we love whomever we want to. We don’t owe anything to anyone. However, we do owe it to ourselves to be selfish and do whatever we need to do to protect our hearts and our beautiful minds. Sometimes, protecting ourselves means saying no to a potential partner, and staying in the single lane.

Cupid is sneaky and loving someone isn’t as simple as telling your third grade crush to check yes or no. Everyone handles love and intimacy differently. How do you handle love? Do you try to stop yourself from liking potential no goods? Or do you believe in letting the good times roll and not worrying about what might happen?


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