Are You What You Wear?



Are you truly what you wear? If you walk around in a tube top and a short skirt, are you suddenly a hoochie mama in training? If you rock spenders and a tie, are you just a nerdy gal? Even though clothes are a fun way to express yourself, sometimes people are quick to assign your identity because of a piece of cloth.

Despite people trying to stop slut shaming, there are still those who feel that they have the right to comment on how you look. Perhaps the people in the peanut gallery are not slut shaming you, then there might be another group in the gallery trying to fat shame you. People in the world are allowed to have their opinions, but sometimes you wish that they would just shut up.

So what do we do? Shaming women because of their clothes and bodies seems as natural as breathing for our society. A part of me wants to just end this article by saying that you have to embrace your clothes and don’t even think about what you’re wearing. However, I know several women who been put in uncomfortable situations because of her clothing. Catcalling and slut shaming isn’t reserved only for women who wear dresses, it’s also for women who wear sweatpants, shoes, or even a t-shirt. The issue isn’t what the woman is wearing. The problem is that a woman is a woman.

What needs to happen is that society needs to have more respect for women. For centuries, we have been viewed as an object that is supposed to just sit next to a man and look pretty, but those days are over like Iggy’s career. There needs to be respectability from all parts of society. Furthermore, there needs to be acceptance of all women, including women of color. Allowing only one sector and color of feminism to enjoy the privilege of body-positivity, anti-fat shaming, and anti-slut shaming does a disservice to the rest of the women still trying to gain the same rights.


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