You Are Who You Date


Lauren London was hot when she came out in ATL. The smooth complexion, sweet voice and innocent dimples had her melting every heart in America. Then she had a baby with Lil Wayne and started dating messy-braid-having Nipsey Hussle and she was a solidified as a Trap Queen. Now our precious Sanaa Lathan has transformed from the embodiment of elegance to something tampered because she dared to date French Montana. Or have these women remained exactly the same with the only difference being their +1 at red carpet events?

This ideal that people’s value are linked to their partners is evident with fans praising celebrities for “upgrading” or criticizing their “plummeting value.” What could the gangster rapper French Montana, real name Karim Kharbouch, possibly bring to the table? I do not know the man or Sanaa Lathan from a can of paint and their image is likely the result of an expensive PR firm but come on, how could I, a bias third party, not be able to know when two strangers are compatible. That is usually the tirade being spilled on gossip websites and social media when celebrities have the gall, the audacity, the nerve to date higher or lower than their “value”.

Ciara value has fallen and risen with each public relationship. She was cute with Bow Wow and hood with Future but she redeemed herself with Russell Wilson. Rihanna received some side eyes for supposedly dating Travis Scott because how could she, our Barbadian princess who made a nightgown and house slippers fashionable, date a grizzly looking rapper. How? How!? We use Jay-Z as motivation because he somehow managed to marry Queen B but his wealth is often used as justification. However, Chris Brown has remained our future Michael Jackson even after Rihanna and Karreuche because look at him dance at the BET Award. Can anyone of Future’s eighteen baby mothers refute my claim? I did not think so.

The notion that you are who we date holds steady. You just have to make sure it’s someone that your unknown-but-swear-they-knew-you-since-you-were-a-lil’-ol’-baby extended, extended family, i.e. your fan base, will approve of because they will, grossly and inappropriately, value you based on that decision. Relax males. You will be alright unless you date outside your race. On the other hand, ladies, this decision may somehow devalue you. Who knew love could be so complicated and such a play of numbers?


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