The Modern Fight For Ownership of Women’s Bodies


Roe v. Wade made us believe that the conversation of abortions was over and we could all continue to chose between having an abortion or not and not being attacked or threatened for a very personal and intimate decision. Planned Parenthood dim-wittedly believed that they could continue to provide affordable reproductive and maternal health services without picketers and religious zealots scaring visitors away. We thought we understood that rape was a deplorable crime but somehow politicians starting pointing out grey areas and noting “legitimate rape.” Modesty remains synonymous with moral but only to women when going through that required abstinence-only sex education in high school. In this modern world, women continue to battle for equality when it comes to displaying, using and owning their bodies.

Abortions are legal whether you believe they are right, wrong or indifferent. However, this federal legality has not stopped numerous states from going on crusades against restricting abortions as much as legally possible. Though abortions rates have been going down along, this call to action against abortions generally has me scratching my head as to why this non-issue has become an issue . . . again.


The battle against Planned Parenthood is laced with media including the extremely edited and graphic video of a baby being kept alive for their body parts to be harvested (though a cutscene that implies rather than proves) and the discussion of (the very legal) selling of fetal tissues. Though Planned Parenthood has not been found guilty of anything, many politicians are trying to defund the organization. Though abortion is at the center of the discussion, abortions by Planned Parenthood accounted for only 3% of their services with more focus being on STI and STD testing and providing contraception.

But wait, there’s more. In Toronto, a crime prevention talk was occurring at York University in 2011 when one officer stated “I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this – however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” This statement brought forth the SlutWalk, a movement that strives for the liberation of women to wear what they want and not be slut-shamed. You may know it because of Amber Rose. Blame for rape has been given to the victim numerous times with the most noticeable instance being the Steubenville High School rape case. Though, rape is an act of violence and majority are premeditated, that has not stopped the constant belief that attire is the cause.  The United States military is going through a problem with sexual assault with the attire consisting of military gear yet the belief still persists while ignoring the culture that makes simply reporting sexual assaults stigmatized with numerous barriers.

This increase in nonsensical, unscientific opinions about the women’s bodies has conversations that should have been buried a long time ago reappearing. Yes, women are having sex for fun and should not shamed for their sexual activity. At most, seek to provide safe sex methods rather than put the fear of Hell into her mind. Pregnancy  Yes, Planned Parenthood does do abortions but they also help men and women get the contraception and sexual health information and services they need at a reasonable price. While the moral arguments scream that we are become a deprived world, it is off based. An Instagram feed does not represent the entrepreneurial, educated, and free women. This shift to abortion and pregnancy ignores the crucial aspect. If we continue to focus on non issues, we lose focus on more impending and damaging issues like safe sex and STIs/STDs. We need real conversations, not moral ones.

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