Top Earning Deceased Musicians

michael jackson

“Everybody loves you when you’re dead” seems like an adequate saying after Forbes released the top earning dead celebrities in 2015. With money coming for royalties, sales and continuing business endeavours, the deceased, or rather their families, are earning a lot of money as fans and companies continue to keep legends legendary.

Michael Jackson is unshockingly at number one with $115 million earned from the Vegas Cirque du Soleil show Michael Jackson One, the Mijac Music catalog, recorded music sales and half of the Sony /ATV publishing empire. Since his death in 2009, Jackson has earned over $1 billion and continues to make the list each year.

With the United States Postal Service is even honoring Elvis Presley with Elvis Presley Forever, a top 40 album that came along with a commemorative stamp, it is no wonder that Presley is number two on the list with $55 million earned. However, most of his earnings are from ticket sales at the infamous Graceland.

Though carefree during his career, postmortem Bob Marley has been involved with a slew of business deals. His family has created Marley Beverage Company that makes natural relaxation drinks like Mellow Mood and the House of Marley that produces quality, eco-friendly and charitable audio and lifestyle products. That in combination with his music sales has Bob Marley earning $21 million and being number four on the list.

John Lennon came in at number seven with $12 million due to him still receiving royalties from the Beatles sales and Love!, the Beatles-themed Cirque du Soleil show. Notable mentions included Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain.


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