Rihanna’s ANTI


Three years after Unapologetic, Rihanna has finally announced a release date for her eighth album ANTI.  For Tidal members and pirating interneters, ANTI will release on Black Friday while all others will have to wait until December 4th.

Not only has Rihanna given fans an album release date but she has a mobile-only website that she launched in collaboration with Samsung. The ANTIdiaRy website features a glimpse into the inspiration and creative process behind her album by allowing users to use their phones to look around the “room” and find clues that let you to watch videos. Think of it as a promotional Oculus Rift.

Lastly, along with a release date and a website, Rihanna also announced a world tour with Travis Scott for the North American portion and the Weeknd and Big Sean for the European portion. Again, Tidal members get a chance to buy tickets earlier on November 3oth along with American Express card members while regular concertgoers will have to wait until December 3rd.

Billboard’s 10 Greatest Rappers of All Time


Trying to crown the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T) is not an easy feat. It is subjective by nature and there is no plausible way to please the masses. Yet, Billboard attempted the challenge and created a list of the Greatest Rappers of All Time. The list is as follows:

  1. Biggie Smalls
  2. Jay-Z
  3. Eminem
  4. Rakim
  5. Nas
  6. Andre 3000
  7. Lauryn Hill
  8. Ghostface Killah
  9. Kendrick Lamar
  10. Lil Wayne

The exclusion of Tupac alone ruffled many feathers in the hip hop community. Considering that Tupac is one of the best selling music artist of all time and one of the most influential artists of all time, the lack of his presence on the list is questionable if not infuriating. Snoop Dogg and Swift D agreed and fumed about Tupac not being included.

The fact that Tupac is not included was enough for the list to be discreditable to me. However, another issue is the inclusion of Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and Lauryn Hill. While Good Kid, M.A.A.D City and How to Pimp a Butterfly are beautiful works that cement his skill, the key aspect missed with including new artists is longevity.

If this list was created in 1999, DMX would have been on it with no one refuting it. It was the height of his career and his growling raps were all the rage. In 1996, Lil Kim was killing it and was continuously doing so. Yet when Hard Core released in 2014, it showed that that ship had unfortunately sailed. While I am not refuting the masterful works created by Lil Wayne or Kendrick Lamar, I am slow to give rank when they have yet to show if they can survive the test of time with like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nas and Jay-Z effortlessly do.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is great. I love it. Accolades and awards are deserved. Nonetheless, it’s not a rap album. It consisted mostly of singing and is the only reason that Hill didn’t get a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album. Lauryn Hill can sing and rap but she mostly sings. This does not diminish her rap verses that have a soulful flow but it does correctly categorize her as a singer who happens to rap. For that reason alone, Hill has no business on the list.

The purpose of the list was likely only made to incite some conversation and if it was, then good job. The nonsensical rank, disrespectful exclusion and eyebrow-raising inclusions will definitely have the hip hop community reopening the never ending discussion of the G.O.A.T while possibly ridiculing Billboard. Do you agree with the list?

The Wedding Crashers: Kendrink Lamar Crashes Wedding


The force of the dab can be strong and Kendrink Lamar apparently could not withhold his dance moves any longer. With his entourage and a camera in hand, the group confidently enter a wedding reception and Lamar proceeded to dab over “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston.

A partygoer noticed the group and began to question them about who got married. Undeterred, Lamar and his crew continued to dance by themselves and with others. The videos ends but it was reported that there were no actions taken against the Lamar and his friends. The real unanswered question is did they get a slice of the cake. Watch the hilarious video here.


Drake is the Most Influential Person in Toronto



Thoughts of Toronto, and Canada in general, garner many images to the unknowing American. A winter wasteland with many polite citizens with pet mooses. A large country that consists of provinces but you’ll be damned if you could recall anything besides Toronto and Quebec. A country that managed to sprout Drake, a relentless foreigner that transcended borders to fuse together the influences from each American coast and his Canadian upbringing to become a hip hop icon that went outside of the norms of hip-hop and reevaluated each crucial pillar of its existence.

Toronto Life agreed with the assessment of October’s Very Own and hailed Drake as the Most Influential Person in Toronto. The monthly magazine that provides Toronto with articles about entertainment, politics and life in Toronto scored Drake as six last year. It is hard to figure out when Drake changed their minds. It could have been the critically acclaimed album (or mixtape, depending on who you ask), If You Are Reading This It’s Too Late that went platinum without any marketing efforts or possibly his collaboration mixtape with Future, What a Time to Be Alive. It could have been his numerous business ventures that includes a deal with Air Jordan, a clothing collaboration with the Toronto Raptors or the opening of a restaurant, Fring’s, with Susar Lee, a renowned chef based in Toronto.

Drake is no longer Jimmy who was shot in Degrassi but has transformed into a heavy contender in hip hop and continuously battles against the young elites that show their unwavering thirst for notoriety similar to Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac, Eminem and Biggie Smalls. Besides his music capabilities, he has shown that he is not a businessman but a business, man and uses his name to not only sell records but clothes, shoes and steaks. Like the magazine said, “as far as the rest of the world is concerned, Drake is Toronto.”

I Stand With Mizzou


We are living in a time where there is an all out war against Black bodies. You thought that this war was just for your grandparents and parents. If you’re still thinking that after the Civil Rights Movement everything was all peace, love, and happiness, then you need to wake up. Nowhere is safe. People who are still living in a Plessy vs. Ferguson world think that Blackness is a sickness infecting our society. They’re trying to get rid of it any way possible.

Despite college campuses being a place of intellectual growth, in 2015, it’s still a breeding ground for racist, idiocy. Online, a white student at the University of Missouri threatened to shoot every Black person that he saw on campus. Rightfully so, this threat has led to fear and anger circulating throughout Missouri’s campus. Yes, the president has stepped down and the student responsible for making those threats has been taken into custody, but when are things going to change?


University of Missouri, like many colleges and universities, has been plagued by racism for years. However, due to how engrained  racism is in our education, nothing has been done. These universities have their presidents resign, but do not fully address the problem. Change only happens when they fear that their endowment or enrollment is in jeopardy.

There needs to be a fundamental change in how colleges and universities discuss racism and race relations on college campuses. The tone-deaf boys and girls who think it’s fun to wear blackface, dress up as a “chola”, draw a swastika in feces on campus, hang a picture of a lynched Black woman on a student’s door, pet Black people’s hair like they are a part of human zoo are the same men and women who start running companies, teaching classes, working anywhere as they spread the racism that they thought was funny in college.

I stand with Mizzou, but I’m done seeing my bothers and sisters fall to racism. Every time a Black life is lost, we are reminded that every fabric of this privileged society is failing everyone. In this 21-century, we are fighting the same battles that our ancestors died for. I am ashamed to say that I am a citizen of  this country, which my ancestors were used to build. Even though our backs burned from labor and centuries of physical abuse and violence, I still do not feel safe walking down the street or going to college. Our ancestors are weeping because in a world where we can like something by simply tapping a button, we’re still able to spread so much hate.

Rick Ross and Lira Galore are Back Together


She was the baddest, he was the realest. The relationship that perfectly displayed the stereotypical dynamics of an urban relationship with the rapper with a drug dealer flow and the perfect shaped model. They wooed Instagram with numerous pictures demonstrating the perfection of her curves and the wealth of his rhymes as they showed the synergy of a rich husband and a trophy wife. Then they broke up. But it’s okay. Rick Ross and Lira Galore got back together after a couple weeks of simmering. After the spread of rumors were complete and Instagram cooled, they have reconciled and they are quite affectionate on Snapchat.

A few months into their relationship and Ross was proposing to the young model with an 11 karat ring during a surprise trip to Rafaello & Co. jewelry store in New York City. The $350,000 ring momentarily weighed down Galore because Ross reclaimed the ring and the two separated after rumors started spreading that Galore had a relationship with Mr. Black and Yellow, Wiz Khalifa. Galore denied the allegations and stated that she never met Wiz and if she did she would never have a relationship with him due to her close relationship with Amber Rose.

Rumors didn’t keep the couple down as they returned back to each other and Galore has continued to wear her engagement ring.

K Michelle’s Butt Reduction and What We Can Learn From It


Is the era of fix-a-flat booties over? Well for K Michelle it is. It was revealed last week during an interview with B. Scott that she plans on getting a butt reduction. She says she wants a butt reduction because her derrière is stopping her from breaking into mainstream movies. In short, less butt=more roles. However, why is there a desire to have a giant butt and also a certain look for movie roles?

Ten years from now, the trend of a giant butt will be over. Countless women will run back to their surgeons and try to get their beautiful, natural shapes back. Some will be able to while others will not and will be stuck with a figure that they don’t want anymore. Until that time and ever after, women are caught in a cycle that tries to make them chase after a certain look.

As a Black woman, there is an immense amount of pressure and politics pushing down on us. Voices from all different forms of media are trying to tell us how to act or when it’s acceptable to look a certain way. Having a big butt is only in when Iggy or J.Lo has one, but when a woman or color has one, it has to be a caricature. Why do Black women get no in-between?


Normal women aren’t Kim Kardashian, K Michelle, or Nicki Minaj. We don’t have access to a handful of doctors who main job is making sure that you look good for the camera. Also, we aren’t living under the camera’s constant eye. We need to stop looking at these celebrities for unrealistic body goals. Instead, we have to embrace who we are. Once celebrities realize that they aren’t being praised for looking like Betty Boop, then they’ll stop trying to force a certain body image on us because at the end of the day, we are the ones who celebrities make money off of. Without us, they would still be that girl down the street trying to sell her mixtape.