With recent events that occurred at Spring Valley High School that involved a black female student in class being tossed in her desk and dragged by an officer after refusing to comply to his demands, a new hashtag has been created to address the incident, #SpringValleyHigh. With the video recorded by a student, a call for justice has been made against the officer, who has been fired, and the discussion about police brutality rages on.

What can be noted about this incident compared to the other equally viral incidents, such as #SayHerName that is about Sandra Bland, the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death in Waller County, Texas and the reasoning surrounding her arrest and #BlackLivesMatter that is about the increased rate of police brutality against African Americans, is the lack of outspokenness from hip hop.

Rappers have been especially quiet during this incident with the passion that was evident during the peak of the #BlackLivesMatter movement simmering to a smolder. Singers, such as Jill Scott and Cher, and actresses and actors, such as Charlie Sheen and Gabrielle Union, to name a few, have stated their revolt over the incident yet rappers remain silent. The only notable exception has been Angel Haze and that was due to Raven Symone stating the past record of the officer then stating “but at the same time, get off yo’ phone. You are in school, get off yo’ phone. What you doin’ on Instagram?” during an episode of The View. Angel Haze took offense to her comments and stated on Twitter “@ravensymone plz fight me” with a link to the video of Raven Symone’s comments. Haze later went on Huffington Post Live and stated that “someone needs to smack her because the things she says are ridiculous.”

Besides the threat of a cat fight, the cry of injustice from rappers has been small, if even existent, while the discussion of expands pass police brutality to the state of education for black girls. The reasoning behind it is up for interpretation and theories. Why do you believe that the hip hop community is vocal about the Spring Valley High School incident?


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