New Video: New Jersey’s Own Mag-B, “The S**t” Release


New Jersey is often overshadowed by its more prominent neighbor, New York. While New York continues to dominate hip hop culture with other influentials like Georgia, California and Chicago, New Jersey barely gets any recognition even with prominent natives like Lauryn Hill, Naughty by Nature and Fetty Wap. Fortunately, New Jersey has the powerful Mag-B on their team. With a new video for his fiery new single “The Shit” and the upcoming Substance Abuse project, Mag-B is focused on putting Jersey on the map.

Mag-B first turned heads during an interview at Sway in the Morning. During the early morning radio show, Mag-B humbly stood with neat dreads and a sweatshirt as Sway gave a preamble to Friday Cypher and introduced the young MC. Mag-B explained the woes that occurred in his hometown, Trenton, New Jersey, that included a shooting at a church and went on to describe himself as  “humble, an intellectual . . .  a father . . .” artist because “my music reflects everything about me, where I’m from, what I do, I’m a working person, I fear God. Ecstatic about life. I just want to breath Sway, I want to smile.”

The interview continued on with good reviews on his track “Which Way is Up” and finishing with an amazing freestyle with notable rhymes like “I’m chewing real lyricist; these lames are minor snacks and I always got the munchies; you know I keep that sack” and “like first and one and you punted, it’s obvious, you don’t want it.” That lyricism and steady flow is still present in “The Shit” and his other single “End of the Summer.”

Check out his song “The Shit” below. If you are still hungry for more of Mag-B or just want to see his impressive sneaker collection, you can find him @magb422 on SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram.


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