Lil Wayne Hit With Financial Woes

lil wayne

Weezy F Baby and the F is for failure to pay, apparently. In the wake of Lil Wayne’s dissolving, if not dissolved, professional and personal relationship with his surrogate father who is commonly known as Birdman, Lil Wayne is getting more heat. In the midst the messy custody legal battle over rights, money and artists, Lil Wayne is being hit with additional legal woes due to his poor habit of not paying people for their products or services. The government seized his assets last week for his failure to pay $2 million for a leased jet from Signature Group. Now, Tunechi has to cough up $96 thousand for failing to pay for fireworks that he purchased way back in 2013 from a pyrotechnics company. This is after the company made a settlement with the rapper who still failed to comply and thus resulting in a second legal battle for their receivables.

Lil Wayne has history with financial hardships with the rapper losing a $2.2 million lawsuit to Quincy Jones III, son of the Quincy Jones for the lost of profits from the documentary/film The Carter 3 that was nearly blocked by Lil Wayne in 2012. Lil Wayne disliked his portrayal and sought legal action to have the release of the film blocked and when that failed, he sued for unauthorized use of his music that resulted in a countersuit by Jones who won. Not only does Lil Wayne is attacked with lawsuits but he also has beef with the IRS. He had unpaid income taxes amounting to $3,351,078 for 2008 and $2,258,956 for 2009. The IRS was not done with him and claimed that Lil Wayne owed $5.8 million for 2011 and $6.3 million for 2012. He should have listened to Juelz Santana when he said they getting “that I.R.S can tax money you dig me” in “Brown Paper Bag.”


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