Rick Ross and Lira Galore are Back Together


She was the baddest, he was the realest. The relationship that perfectly displayed the stereotypical dynamics of an urban relationship with the rapper with a drug dealer flow and the perfect shaped model. They wooed Instagram with numerous pictures demonstrating the perfection of her curves and the wealth of his rhymes as they showed the synergy of a rich husband and a trophy wife. Then they broke up. But it’s okay. Rick Ross and Lira Galore got back together after a couple weeks of simmering. After the spread of rumors were complete and Instagram cooled, they have reconciled and they are quite affectionate on Snapchat.

A few months into their relationship and Ross was proposing to the young model with an 11 karat ring during a surprise trip to Rafaello & Co. jewelry store in New York City. The $350,000 ring momentarily weighed down Galore because Ross reclaimed the ring and the two separated after rumors started spreading that Galore had a relationship with Mr. Black and Yellow, Wiz Khalifa. Galore denied the allegations and stated that she never met Wiz and if she did she would never have a relationship with him due to her close relationship with Amber Rose.

Rumors didn’t keep the couple down as they returned back to each other and Galore has continued to wear her engagement ring.


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