Drake is the Most Influential Person in Toronto



Thoughts of Toronto, and Canada in general, garner many images to the unknowing American. A winter wasteland with many polite citizens with pet mooses. A large country that consists of provinces but you’ll be damned if you could recall anything besides Toronto and Quebec. A country that managed to sprout Drake, a relentless foreigner that transcended borders to fuse together the influences from each American coast and his Canadian upbringing to become a hip hop icon that went outside of the norms of hip-hop and reevaluated each crucial pillar of its existence.

Toronto Life agreed with the assessment of October’s Very Own and hailed Drake as the Most Influential Person in Toronto. The monthly magazine that provides Toronto with articles about entertainment, politics and life in Toronto scored Drake as six last year. It is hard to figure out when Drake changed their minds. It could have been the critically acclaimed album (or mixtape, depending on who you ask), If You Are Reading This It’s Too Late that went platinum without any marketing efforts or possibly his collaboration mixtape with Future, What a Time to Be Alive. It could have been his numerous business ventures that includes a deal with Air Jordan, a clothing collaboration with the Toronto Raptors or the opening of a restaurant, Fring’s, with Susar Lee, a renowned chef based in Toronto.

Drake is no longer Jimmy who was shot in Degrassi but has transformed into a heavy contender in hip hop and continuously battles against the young elites that show their unwavering thirst for notoriety similar to Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac, Eminem and Biggie Smalls. Besides his music capabilities, he has shown that he is not a businessman but a business, man and uses his name to not only sell records but clothes, shoes and steaks. Like the magazine said, “as far as the rest of the world is concerned, Drake is Toronto.”


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