Boosie and Kidney Cancer



Baton Rogue native and gangster rap veteran Boosie Badazz, formerly, Lil Boosie, surprised fans when he posted and deleted a caption stating that the thirty-three year old rapper had kidney cancer. Boosie has faced many struggles throughout his career, both legally and medically, and kidney cancer is another blow that will likely resonate in his music and make the hardened rapper stronger.

Shortly after the release of his third album Bad Azz, Boosie revealed that he had diabetes. His father succumbed to the disease and also due to drug use. Being African American and having a family history of diabetes greatly increased his chances of developing diabetes. Next he faced legal troubles that included pleading guilty to the drug charges with a sentence of seven years and being found not guilty of murder charges. Boosie Badazz was freed in 2014 after his lawyers appealed and won with the notion that the drug ring charge was a step-up. He did his interviews, mastered his tracks and came back onto the rap scene like he never left.

Now with seven kids, his sixth studio album, Touch Down 2 Cause Hellbeing critically acclaimed and his “No Juice” Tour still going, Boosie Badazz is diagnosed with kidney cancer. He continues to tour and a video shows him making new music that documents his struggle with kidney cancer.



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