New Video: Mag B “Triumph:Wu Tang Forever”

If you look back on any artist, you can hear the rawness of their artistry. Their unpolished and unfiltered sound communicates their desperation and hunger to be among the elites, to get the respect they believe they deserve and to afford the house their mother has been praying for. A beat is not a beat but a chance at finally being able to honestly say “I made it”. Mag B demonstrates that unapologetic passion in his new video “Triumph: Wu Tang Forever.”

Energy is felt from the first second with Mag B beginning the track spitting off Jersey-accented rhymes for a speedy but comprehensible verse. Though impressive, it brought back flashbacks of his freestyle on Sway in the Morning. After another listen to the freestyle, it was confirmed that he mixed the first part of his freestyle, the freestyle prior to the change in beat, with his verse. The identical lyrics would not be bothersome to new listeners but would be noticeable to avid listeners.



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