Coming Straight from the Underground: Nezi Momodu


At 23, Nezi Momodu has established her craft. Momodu embodies a nineties flow with visions of Queen Latifah and MC Lyte coming to mind when I listened to her EP, Babylon EP. With solid voice that demands respect and entices listeners to understand and vibe, it is evident that she thinks before she speaks her rhymes.

She was stumbled upon on Tumblr. A captionless video demonstrated her talent during a freestyle video that made me smile due to her ode to the film 8 Mile. With links to her Soundcloud and website, I was immersed in her style of colors and truths. The native Nigerian and Texas Tech University student gives smooth vibes with her EP and her sound will be reminiscent old school rappers that were more contingent on respect and rhyme rather than gold and shine.

Check out Nezi Momodu on at and listen to her EP at


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