Why It’s Okay to not be Here for the Holidays



It’s the Holiday Season! There’s no way that you will walk down the street without seeing a candy cane or hearing a Christmas tune. For some, this is a time of bliss. Presents, a New Year, and eggnog—what more could a person ask for. While for others, the holiday season is a hard time. Not everyone can get swept into Rudolph’s red nose. Life is hard, confusing, frustrating, and a million of other adjectives that could just wrap around you all day. A certain season doesn’t mean you have to suddenly be happy and act in a way you wouldn’t have before the frankincense and myrrh.

Like always, you are most important, and self-care is your top priority. If that means skipping out on a holiday party because you’re not feeling up to it, then that’s fine. If your friends ask you why you’re being such a Grinch, then you can tell them how you’re truly feeling. However, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. YOU DO YOU.

I know that this is a simple phrase you’ve probably said in passing almost a million times, but it’s a phrase you have to remember, especially during the holidays. During this season it’s so easy to give so much away without keeping anything for yourself. If you give and give without taking a moment to relax, then there’s going to be none of you left. And no you, is not a good look. So just in case, you’re tempted not treat yourself with some much-deserved self care, here are five ideas to help you out.


  1. Buy yourself something nice.
    • You’ve earned it. That is all.
  2. Go escape the holidays!
    • If you don’t want to be in the holiday spirit or near any holiday cheer, then find your own special place that’s away from everything.
  3. Remind yourself you’re amazing. 
    • One morning when you wake up, stare in the mirror and tell yourself five great things that you’ve done this year or five things that you plan to do in the New Year.
  4. Take some time to turn off your phone and just sit down and think.
    • You don’t have to be on all day. It’s good to restart your batteries and get a fresh start.
  5. Don’t let anyone bring you down!
    • If they’re not a part of your squad, then leave them behind in 2015.



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